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      Privacy Policy

      Effective Date:? June 14, 2017

      Purpose of the Privacy Statement. Bristol-Myers Squibb respects the privacy of visitors to this Web site and understands that information about you, your health, and your health care is sensitive. Except as provided in the Transfer of Control section of this Web site's Internet Privacy Statement, Bristol-Myers Squibb will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information. Bristol-Myers Squibb developed this Internet Privacy Statement to provide information about our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information that you may provide when you visit this Web site. This privacy statement applies to this web site and other Bristol-Myers Squibb web sites providing resources such as consumer and health care professional product related information and services.

      We encourage you to read this Internet Privacy Statement before submitting information. By using this Web site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms of the Internet Privacy Statement.

      Information Voluntarily Provided by Users. You can visit much of the Web site without telling us who you are or providing us with other personally identifiable information. Some areas of the Web site allow you to contact us to ask questions or provide comments. When you communicate with us and request a response, we ask for your name and contact information. We intend to let you know how we will use such information before we collect it from you; if you tell us that you do not want us to use this information to make further contact with you beyond fulfilling your requests, we will respect your wishes.

      Some areas of the Web site may also require that you submit information in order to access specific content, features, interactive tools, services or participate in a particular activity. For example, to create an online account, online user profile or to subscribe to a newsletter, we may ask for your name, contact information, professional credentials and other additional information so we can complete your request.

      You may always choose not to provide the required information, but then you may not be able to participate in the particular activity that requires the information.

      Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information. BMS collects Personal Information online when, among other cases:

      • You register to use any of the services available on the Web site.
      • You use the Web site.
      • You send us questions, queries or comments.
      • You request information or materials.
      • You provide information in any form to the Web site (chats, forums, uploads, etc.).
      • You apply for a job search or enter your Personal Information to be incorporated into our Human Resources database.
      • You request subsidies offered by BMS.

      The type of Personal Information collected may include your name, type and number of document, your telephone numbers, email address and / or any other information that allows us to identify you. In all cases that you provide Personal Information you declare that the Personal Information provided is true.

      By continuing to use this Web site, then in the cases that you provide us with your Personal Information, you accept and give your free, express and informed consent for such Personal Information to be used for the purposes mentioned herein, and authorize it to be treated, stored, collected in Bristol-Myers Squibb's databases, and consent to the transfer to such information outside of the jurisdiction in which you are present for any of the purposes identified herein. Likewise, by continuing to use this Web site you accept and give your free, express and informed consent with the terms of this Privacy Policy. If requested by Bristol-Myers Squibb you agree that you will do all things requested by Bristol-Myers Squibb to assist it in confirming and verifying this consent in writing.

      Use and Disclosure of Non-Personally Identifiable Information. Bristol-Myers Squibb will not treat as confidential any information that you provide that is not personally identifiable, such as questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions. You should be aware that Bristol-Myers Squibb will be free to disclose through any means and use for any purpose such information in its sole discretion. By providing such information to Bristol-Myers Squibb, you understand and agree that no relationship has been created between Bristol-Myers Squibb and you, and Bristol-Myers Squibb has no obligation to you whatsoever regarding that information.

      Information You Share with Others. Bristol-Myers Squibb may provide interactive tools allowing the sharing of information with others, such as posts on social media sites or health care professionals sending patient education materials to a patient by way of an email link back to the website where the patient can view the information. To enable information sharing we may collect personally identify