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      Healthcare Providers

      Bristol-Myers Squibb provides the following information and resources for U.S. healthcare providers (HCPs) to assist with caring for patients and researching innovative medicines.
      Intended only for U.S. Healthcare Providers



      Search a list of our marketed products.

      Help Paying for Your Medicines

      Help Patients Pay for Medicines?

      Help with understanding prescription coverage and out-of-pocket costs? ??

      U.S. Medical Information & Services

      Access medical information and resources for U.S. healthcare professionals.

      Medical Information Contact Center

      (toll free U.S. only)
      Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm ET

      Report Side Effects?or Product Quality Complaints

      (toll free U.S. only)

      For outside the U.S., visit our global site to report Side Effects or Product Quality Complaints or Medical Information inquiries.

      Clinical Trials

      Information for patients who are considering taking part in a Bristol-Myers Squibb clinical trial.? ??

      Early Patient Access

      Helping patients with serious diseases find information about access to innovative medicines.

      Researchers and Partners

      Researchers & Partners

      Find out how we're discovering, and developing investigational medicines for patients.

      Independent Research

      Independent Research

      We consider requests from independent investigators who share our goal of answering important medical questions in areas of unmet medical need.


      We operate with high standards of ethics and integrity; complying with the letter and spirit of current laws and regulations. We believe in the importance of making information about our business and our medicines available as we continue to seek a better understanding of the needs of patients. ?